Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Colonel J Fizziwig's Blasters & Disruptors

Some adventures demand guns.

And some guns demand adventures.

Lock’n’loading somewhere between Doctor Grordbort and Hellboy, this is one palm-itching, mouthwatering range of steampunkery that’s enough to make you crave big game – and I don’t mean the bloody World Cup.

Available at Forbidden Planet, each of one these cries out to be accompanied by a full bustle and a pith helmet – or the gentlemanly equivalent. Sadly lacking costume, I will have to settle for throwing out my son in order to make some space.

Whatever Steampunk may do as a literary genre (you’ll pardon me for not writing this post in the style of an excerpt from King Solomon’s Mines) in the art world, it kicks butt… these weapons are props and statues, there to be admired and BIG-TIME shown off.

They may be convertible to cosplay with a crafters’ eye and a steady hand (though I’m not recommending it), but I want to know..?

How can I make one WORK?!!

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Viagra Online said...

ey some of that weapons looks like the excellent weapon that Hellboy use in the movie, and others looks like the weapons used by the big sister in Bioshock.

Ronnie said...

I bought a Colonel J. Fizziwig 2 weeks ago that look like a Nurf/Start Trek hybrid, Awsome! See it here :

Elliott Broidy said...

Ooo fancy