Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim Event at Forbidden Planet

Bryan Lee O’Malley does not have seven evil exes.

In fact, he’s quiet, almost shy, responding to questions with a subtle, dry wit and a sideways flash-glance that seems to gather more than it gives away. When I ask him where the inspiration for the character of Scott Pilgrim came from (you have to do these things) his answer is a blend of himself and the people he’s met during his life.

But isn’t that true of every writer’s protagonist?

I’m remiss in never really having heard of Scott Pilgrim – not until the movie merchandising began and the build-your-own avatars were saturating my Twitter page. Yet there’s something about him… the artwork’s compelling and he doesn’t let me go. The big eyes and the strong expressions are very anime, and very accessible. The characters that surround him are lively and engaging and you’re sure you know them from somewhere...

I learn more about the character while trading anecdotes in the backroom at Forbidden Planet – meantime, Bryan faces a truly epic pile (of epicness) of pre-orders with that same wry sense of humour and truly record-breaking speed. Excited members of FP staff are frequent and jumping-up-and-down with enthusiasm and the queue outside the store is a patiently sprawling monument to just how popular Scott Pilgrim really is.

I really feel I should get to know him a little better.

I find out that, if there are parts Bryan Lee O’Malley in Scott, then there are no less parts of us all. He’s every one of us, every youthful memory and bright-eyed hope. Scott Pilgrim is those post-Uni days when you hadn’t quite settled on what you wanted to do; those days when you were all about the dreams and your life was all ahead of you and sharing a bed with your mate was just how it was.

He reminds you of the hot girl or boy that you wanted desperately and then (amazing!) actually got, the hot girl or boy you that didn’t really want but didn’t really want to have to hurt… the thing about Scott Pilgrim is that we’ve all been there. And the thing about Bryan Lee O’Malley – is that he must’ve been there too.

So: I’m guessing that, if Scott Pilgrim is made up of all of everyone, then that would explain the sub-space highway in his head…

…and maybe why I’ve been dreaming about hot girls on roller-blades.

PS: If you are the girl who decorated this fantastic Munny - or you know who she is - please shout so give the credit where it's due.

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

So... what IS the most dangerous thing in the Universe?!

You’re a writer, right? And you’re stuck?

When you ask Google – or Jeeves – a question, you’ll get an answer. It’ll be dry, it’ll be humourless, but (assuming you’ve asked the question correctly) you’ll get what you were after.

When you ask Twitter a question, THIS is what happens…

@Danacea Cub Question du Jour: Mummy, What’s the most dangerous thing in the Universe?

Replies received went as follows: -

@Becca_Masters in all honesty it’s probably humans!!!
@Steve_G A collision between matter and anti-matter? That should keep ‘em quiet for a while :)
@RyanMacG Mums :P
@daphneblake eating too much candy and watching Hannah Montana
@ALRutter Boredom
@bobcatrock my inner-hippy immediately said “a closed mind!”
@pandermoanium gossip
@garenewing the Universe itself!
@justinpickard – Sharks with laser beams? Or a supernova? Though the second answer, when explained, might cause more problems that it solves
@SamSykesSwears Desire
@frandowdsofa Mummies
@Big_Jim religion. Or Galactus. Your choice.
@ALRutter Religion
@destroytheearth “Questions, so shhh!”
@Entorien Seriously? The Human Race. Non-seriously? The Cookie Monster.
@Entorien Or if you’re feeling really deep and thoughtful, and your Cub’s as smart as he sounds… ignorance ;-p
@sennydreadful Spiders. Yeah, I know that mostly they’re harmless, but that’s just because they haven’t revealed their plans yet.
@neilbeynon A big red button marked Do Not Press
@mrdomrocks [shortened version from Twitlonger] People.
@davecl42 Black hole? Gamma Ray burst? Dalek??
@Shockwave A woman locked out of a 95% off shoe sale
@Faithful_Shadow The teen says pissed off mum
@stephenjsweeney Cheese
@x_richard_x Daleks, cybermen, a woman scorned?
@ghostfinder Anti-matter!
@talithabee A curious mind
@Faithful_Shadow my vote goes for black holes
@Rhiarti Stupidity
@beaki gamma rays
@brendajos tell him girls that aren’t mummy
@leighjohnston Quasar?
@kevmceigh Simon Cowell
@dracona1031 I’m not sure Daleks count any more, now that they come in Fisher Price colors…
@Herne politicians
@Von_Cheam Chinese-built motorcycles

This list has omitted those of you with protected streams, the debate between @ghostfinder and @davecl42 about the nature of Quasars, and the venn diagram overlapping Religion and Desire as outlined by @SamSykesSwears… just an extra level of involvement to put a blue bird on your shoulder.

But… you’re a writer, right? And you’re stuck? That’s over thirty answers to a single tweeted question – all creative, all with a sense of humour, all with insight and each with a personal slant. That’s fodder for fucking days.

The most dangerous thing in the Universe? Is bloody Twitter.

I was going to thank people in my twitterstream, but you’re all too cool *laughing!*

So - who's going to pick a favourite?!

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Friday, 6 August 2010

Through A Lens, Clearly

There are many milestones to visible age: -

Your braces.
Your first kiss (usually while you’re still in them).
Your first piercing or tattoo.
Your first alcoholic drink…
…and your first hangover.
Your first proper suit.
Feel free to add your own.

All though your life, these milestones are marks of maturity (if you’re lucky), knowledge, experience and insight. Each one gives you a sense of achievement and makes you feel like you've reached a certain summit, a peak upon which you can stand proud.

So, in this age where Geeks are Cool, Nerds are Heard and it’s okay to like hardware, software, science and fiction…
The first time you wear your glasses should be another pinnacle, right? It’s an accomplishment: I can read, write and work without the headaches that seemed to be laying in wait for me recently…

It’s not age, it’s not. Forty-one is a state of mind.

This is the first time I’ve worn them to write a blog post.

It feels…

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