Friday, 5 June 2009

Footage from the Forbidden Planet

You know that saying - put your money where your mouth is?

This blog has contained wa-ay too much ranting about the industry embracing new forms of media and communication - and, frankly, not enough of me shutting up and getting on with it.

It seems that - with a little judicious prodding - the Forbidden Planet rocket can fly with the times.

China MiƩville reading from The City & The City

The Truth about the Wasabi Peas - starring Alex Bell, Jaine Fenn and Suzanne McLeod

Mark Charan Newton talking about Nights of Villjamur

The first two of these were shot by the wonderful @NeilCFord; the last one teaches me that I really need to learn some proper interview techniques... :)

Look out for more of these to come!

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Neil Ford said...

You did far better at the interviewing than I did, seeing as I didn't ask ANY questions of the Lovely Ladies. :)

- Neil.

Danacea said...

You're a star, Neil - thank you for your continued support :)