Sunday, 21 December 2008

Meeting Saul Tigh: A Snapshot

When faced with the upright severity of Colonel Tigh, you don’t want to be introducing him to the local Cylon.

After his talk at Expo, however, we did just that. I asked him to pose for this – eye-to-eye with his arch-nemesis and antecedent. The UKG guys immediately dubbed it, ‘I Am Not Your Father’ and it’s hard to know who laughed more.

During his talk, Michael was fast, charming, funny – he spoke of Tigh with a touching sense of empathy for the character’s powerful principles and final moment. He talked of Six with a glint in his eye, Olmos with a catch in his voice and Battlestar with a huge amount of love. It tickled me that he switched from third to first person – but only when talking about the Colonel’s sex-life.

Off-stage, the last of Tigh fell from him and he became Michael Hogan, utterly wicked, and very much one of the guys. Like Edward James Olmos at the previous Expo’s press night, he was so down-to-earth you felt he’d never served on a spaceship.

My fellow Titaneer Den Patrick, aka Little Kid, has the full transcript of Michael’s Q&A on his blog.

The UKG guys and I came away with a picture, instead – a Saul Tigh snapshot, a flawless fluke.

It's the perfect Battlestar ‘What If?’

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Robert B. Morshe said...

I loved it!

UrbanVox said...

waaaaait a second!!!
isn;t he a cylon as well????? :)
love the pic!! :)

Danacea said...

Thanks guys - the pic was just a perfect moment.

I even managed to get the red eye-dot in the centre, the Lords of Kobol must have been with me *grins!*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linky, got a frak load of traffic! :)

Anonymous said...
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